Here at Sealantis, we teach swimming to both children and adults alike. Children age 13 onwards can register within.
Benefits of being able to swim:
Learning how to swim is important to your safety as you never know when you may fall into water by accident. Learning how to swim will provide you with the skill to survive this scenario.
It is essential for parents to know how to swim, as this skill may come in handy when children fall into the water by accident. The chances of drowning in a water mishap are far greater than the death rate in road accidents and fires. Statistics from the Fire and Rescue Department revealed that 700 drowning cases were recorded in Malaysia every year. Swimming lessons could enable one to save another person’s life.
Swimming can help you improve your health. Swimming is a great form of exercise and helps to burn calories is a very short time. Your body will use a large variety of muscle groups, and it is a great cardiovascular workout.
Older individuals often avoid several forms of exercise due to pain when they move. Swimming will reduce pain during motion as the water helps to prevent excess strain on the joints. Water is a natural cooling element, which reduces pain while moving stiff joints and sore muscles.
Learning to swim is a fun process. Swimming is an excellent pastime to enjoy with friends and family. When the weather warms up, swimming is a great way to cool down and still enjoy being outside. Once you learn how to swim, it can open up a new world of enjoyable activities you can try including scuba diving, freediving, boating, waterskiing and wakeboarding.